A business, social enterprise and manufacturing company

So Beautiful, Fair Trade, Fair Wages

The Canadian Muslim Women’s Sewing Training Program and Social Enterprise is made up of two components: a one year training program and the establishment of a social enterprise called “SewFair”. SewFair is meant to have a play on the words so beautiful, fair trade and fair wages (no sweat shop).

This project has given the ladies hope that they will be able to stand on their own and support their families. The program has brought women of many diverse cultures together and has broken the isolation many of them experience as they move to a new country where they do not know the language, have no friends, are missing the families they left back home combined with the trauma of war. It is almost like a support group with economic benefits.


  • vests
  • tea cozies
  • chef jackets
  • napkins and placemats
  • conference bags and backpacks
  • volunteer uniforms
  • conference bags
  • toques and hats
  • sewn logos

Benefits and Goals

  • decrease isolation
  • learn skills
  • build on existing skills
  • comfortable environment
  • women only
  • money stays in Winnipeg
  • creates financially independent, contributing members of society
  • quality products

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